A Suitcase Full of Eels


Thanks to Gareth Edge and the children of Trelewis Primary for sending in this illustrated eel poem.

My name is Gareth Edge; I am the Project Officer with South East Wales Rivers Trust on a small river catchment called Taf Bargoed. As part of my project we have an ‘Eels in the classroom’ programme, where twelve partner schools and community hubs have a tank with glass eels to be looked after by children and brought on into Elvers, to be released into local watercourses, aiming to boost local populations of the European Eel. We are interested in the impact elvers of a certain size can have on the population of invasive signal crayfish.

As part of my project working with the partner school at Trelewis Primary, I drew the illustration to inspire the children to create artwork and write poems to support the ‘Eel Suitcase’ project. The children then wrote the poem to accompany my illustration, so the piece attached is a collaboration between the pupils and myself.

Thanks again

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