A Suitcase Full of Eels

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A Guide to Brusseels

On the 19th June 2018 the Eel Suitcase project travelled to Brussels with a group of Plymouth University students. The Eel art we have collected was exhibited as part of ‘Save the European Eel: Europe’s Own Ivory’ at the European Parliament. The Sustainable Eel Group’s event focused on Eel trafficking and was hosted by Ulrike Rodust MEP & Ricardo Serrão Santos MEP.  During the trip we also found time to visit the Belgian Comic Strip Center, eat some terrific bagels, navigate the metro and explore. 

We asked our students to document the experience with the intention of making a suitably absurd and eel-centric guide to Brusseels. The resulting booklet demonstrates what can be achieved in just a few days of hard work with great collaboration between a talented group of artists and writers.

The Eel Suitcase is supported by the University of Plymouth’s Sustainable Earth Institute’s Creative Associate Awards.